Frequently asked Questions

No matter if you have one already or are thinking of buying your very first FX True Ballistic Chronograph, all the information you need about the ultimate companion for any shooter can be found here.

Our device uses advanced doppler radar technology to accurately measure the velocity of any type of projectile, from pistol rounds to rifle rounds. Plus, with its advanced trajectory calculation capabilities, you can see exactly how your projectiles will perform in flight. 

Yes, our device is equipped with a clear display screen and intuitive controls, making it a breeze to use. Simply aim the radar at your target, and the True Ballistic does the rest, providing you with real-time measurement and calculations.

Yes, the True Ballistic stores all your measurements and calculations for easy reference. 

The EU version must comply with the European radio and signal power level restrictions and are therefore power level limited via firmware.

No, it will automatically record every shot fired through the radar signal. 

Yes, it can record any projectile up to 4500 fps or 1372 m/s

Yes, as long as the projectile travel faster than 400 fps or 122 m/s 

Yes, as long as the projectile travel faster than 400 fps or 122 m/s

So long (days) that you won’t have to worry about it. 

Yes, all your shots can be recorded on the FX Radar app on your phone, and the device itself.

Chronograph: 17 cm X 27 cm | The Cover / Stand: 18.5 cm X 24 cm | Storage Case:  21 cm X 30 cm 

Chronograph: 631g | The Cover:  221g | Storage Case:  531g

Yes, it calculates the BC for each individual shot and will display the average BC for all shots recorded.

Infrastructure can interfere with the radar due to the nature of how radar works.