FX True Ballistics Chronograph; Serious gear for serious shooters

Like any serious shooter I spend a lot of time and energy in preparing rifles for hunting and competitions. I’ve spent countless dollars and time in the man cave trying to simplify processes and achieve better results. One thing that I’ve discovered to be true in every instance of shooting sports is that preparation is key.

To be successful in the competitive shooting discipline the equipment must perform so I can worry about my own process and hard skills. And like many shooters I’ve went through a lot of gear evolutions to make that happen. I have owned and used almost every version of a chronograph since I started my rifle journey and there are some very key features that stand out with the FX True Ballistic Chrono that will make it worth your time.  

The first thing you will notice is how quickly it’s up and running. No long drawn out start up sequence and virtually no set up. Unzip the case and set the chrono next to the rifle and with two key presses your recording data.  

The next thing you will notice is you’re not going to need to charge the chronograph every time you’re using it. The battery life is so good I can’t even recall the last time I charged it. This isn’t by itself super impressive as many of the new chronographs sport lengthy battery life. But they don’t also use two radars, The FX does.  

Here are some specs to look at before we get to the real difference of the True Ballistics Chrono: 

• No External Recoil Trigger Required 
• No Extrenal Battery Pack Needed 
• USB-C Recharable Internal Battery 
• Small & Portable at 1.8lbs, 7.4” x 9.6” 
• Radar Tech Works in Rain or Shine 
• Large LCD Display Screen 
• Optional Bluetooth Phone App 
• Measures from 400 – 4,000+ fps 
• Determine Actual Ballistic Coefficient 
• Shows STD Deviation and Spread 
• Indicates Subsonic Yardage 
• Accurate Data Avoids Costly Misses 
• Select G1/G7 Drag Models 

So now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this chronograph. “FX True Ballistics Chronograph”……..did you miss it? You didn’t because it’s literally in the name of the chronograph. True Ballistics 

The True Ballistics Chronograph is giving you muzzle velocity and the actual velocity of the projectile at your desired distance. Whether you’re shooting on a 100 yard range or a 300 yard range you have the ability to get projectile velocity at both the muzzle and your desired distance so that the chronograph can give you the real actual ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity in about 1 second after you pull the trigger. 

Remember when I said this was serious gear for serious shooters, well this is the serious part. If you’re not using a ballistic app or some sort of ballistic solver the single best part of the chronograph is something you may never use. In that case it also just makes a simply amazing chronograph for muzzle velocity, recording SD, and recording ES. But if you’re a serious shooter and you need precise data you need a true ballistics chronograph.  

I’ve tested this chronograph for several months in the heat, cold, wind, and rain and it literally has never let me down. Heck, it’s never even dropped a single shot for me in thousands of rounds fired testing it.  I use a chronograph every time I test ammunition for my competition rifles. It is the determining factory when I’m selecting which 22lr match ammo to buy. So easily at this point I’ve spent upwards of $3,000.00 on match ammo tested over the True Ballistics Chronograph. To say I trust it would be the understatement of the year.  

Overall Recommendation  

If you are a serious shooter who is looking for more out of your gear the FX True Ballistic Chronograph will not disappoint. It’s with me every range session and after the extensive testing and time with this chronograph I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Josh Thomas, from the YouTube Channel Pursuit of Accuracy.